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Lillian Terry Homeopathic Oils

Products are for sale individually (for home use) or Cupping Therapy Sessions available at the The Slimming Zone (20 minute sessions)

                    Homepathic Oils for Scars

Homeopathic Oils for Cellulite

Lillian Terry Homeopathic Oils

Products are for sale individually (for home use) or Cupping Therapy Sessions available at the The Slimming Zone (20 minute sessions)

Homepathic Oils for Scars

Homeopathic Oils for Cellulite

Cupping Therapy & Homeopathic Oils

Cupping therapy can be done by a therapist in the salon or at the convenience of your own home – we have products available. All the oils contain homeopathic remedies. All the oils are without colouring agents and no artificial fragrance used. The products are not tested on animals.
Cupping therapy with the essential oils encourage excellent cosmetic results by improving elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin.

Cupping Therapy with easy to use massage tools with a comfortable non-slip grip.
A South African produced product that is manufactured from ISO certified material. It is also suitable for home use together with Lillian Terry oils by the whole family.

Benefits of the complexes

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Assists in lymphatic drainage
  • Increases oxygen supply to the tissue
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Creates a powerful anti-aging effect in addition to their individual features

All body complexes can be used for a specific purpose on an affected area and also for a full body application.    For external use only.
They produce NO known side-effects; however, some skin types can become irritated as a reaction to essential oils.

Anti Cellulite Complexes

  • BETTA DAY – alleviates daily stress, depression, fears and anxiety.
  • BETTA SLEEP – improves the quality of sleep
  • CONFIDENCE – creates feelings of calmness and self confidence.

Female Complexes

  • SUNSET – enhances female wellbeing, relieves PMT and menopausal symptoms
  • STRETCHMARKS – improves skin elasticity.

Male Complexes

  • SUNRISE – enhances male wellbeing.

Kids Complexes

  • ABDOCALM K – relieves intestinal cramps, spasms, constipation, flatulence, pain and bloating.
  • HYPER K – calms hyperactive children and increases concentration.
  • LULLABYE – alleviates insomnia in children caused by nightmares, anxiety or fears.

General Care Complexes

  • ABDOCALM – relieves bloating and constipation
  • ACTIVIM – stimulates the immune system and relieves chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.
  • ARTHRO L – eases large joint discomfort in hips, knees and shoulders.
  • ARTHRO S – eases small joint discomfort in feet and hands.
  • BACK FORMULA – relieves back ache, muscular spasms and joint flexibility.
  • FOOT FORMULA – enhances foot comfort.
  • FLUIDLESS – improves lymphatic drainage of upper and  lower limbs
  • LUNGO – encourages respiratory detoxification.
  • NECK FORMULA – eases muscular spasms in the neck.
  • OSTO – relieves pain and stiffness in muscles, joints and bones.
  • TRAMINO – enhances regeneration of bones and ligaments after operation or mechanical      trauma
  • VASCU FLOW – improves blood circulation

Skin Care Complexes

  • AFTERSUN – soothes skin damaged by the sun
  • OXIDERMA – enhances optimum oxygen penetration
  • DERMA DAY – for normal to dry skin, reduces swelling
  • DERMA NIGHT – for normal to dry skin that is prematurely wrinkled in appearance.
  • ELASTODERMA – repairs damaged skin (stretched/scarred)
  • HYDRADERMA – for optimal skin hydration.
  • COUPEDERMA – reduces couperose and improves circulation

Sports Complexes

  • SPORTS ENERGY – enhances endurance.
  • SPORT MUSCLE – relieves muscle, joint and ligament injuries.

Hair/scalp Complexes

  • DRY SCALP – alleviates irritated and dry scalp and prevents hair loss.
  • OILY SCALP – controls wet dandruff (sebum production)  seborrhoea  and hair loss.
  • HAIRASHINE – restores shine and elasticity of the hair.   Stimulates hair regeneration and reduces dryness of the hair.

Facial Toners & Gels

  • A’LES TONER & GEL – improves the appearance of problematic skin due to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne vulgaris, boils and black heads.  Suitable for teenagers and adults.
  • O’LES TONER & GEL – controls general oiliness of the skin, especially on the T Zone.

Nail Care Complexes

  • NAIL HYDRATION – hydrates dry and brittle nails.
  • NAIL REGENERATION – enhances the process of nail regeneration for slow growing nails.
  • NAIL RESTORE – treats and prevents fungal infection and yellow crumbly nails.

Bath Oil Range


Local Care Complexes

  • BITO – decreases discomfort caused by insect or spider bites or stings.
  • DENT IT –  relieves toothache and inflammation of the gums.
  • DENT OZ – reduces receding, bleeding, swelling or inflammation of gums due to periontosis.
  • HERPO – relieves symptoms caused by Herpes simplex/zoster.
  • MEMO – enhances concentration and memory.
  • RESPIO – prevents and relieves early flu symptoms.
  • SINO – relieves sinus congestion.