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Peptan Anti-Ageing Collagen Drink


30% of the protein in your body consists of collagen.
From 20 years of age the production of collagen by your body starts to decline.
From age 25 your collagen stores decline by as much as 5% per year.
At the age of 40 your collagen stores have declined by approximately 50%.
It is therefore wise to take collagen as a dietary supplement.
By taking a daily dose of 10g 2000 dalton hydrolysed bioactive collagen will help slow down the loss of collagen and therefore help slowing down the effects of aging.
SONTAL offers a unique non invasive method in which you could increase your collagen stores with a refreshing berry flavoured collagen drink.

>> Image: Collagen production in body


The connection between Stretchmarks and Collagen (Peptan)

  • Stretch marks commonly occur after weight gain or pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks discolor the skin and indent the affected area.
  • A number of treatments, however, are available.
  • Collagen treatments for stretch marks are effective in reducing indentation, though it rarely corrects pigmentation issues.

If your stretch marks are fairly faint, collagen is a good option for smoothing out the skin divots.

To start, stretch marks, or striae, are actually scarring of the skin. The two proteins that give skin its binding nature are collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the foundation of what keeps our skin supple.

When there is extreme stretching of the skin combined with a lack of these two proteins, it will cause a tearing of the dermis of your skin.

Collagen supplements (Peptan) help us in reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, joint pain, and also significantly improve the quality of our hair and nails. Collagen is a protein that serves to support your tissues, cells, organs, and bone structure.

It rebuilds the connective tissue and allows us to get rid of toxins and fats from the skin and supports general health of our skin.

Collagen supplements are also designed to make it easier for our skin absorb the collagen and thus make our skin looking smoother and healthier.